Best Women's Dating Advice: Chivalry, Personal Connection, Surprises & Equal Decisions

Women's Best Dating Advice for Men

Discover the best women's dating advice for men: practice chivalry, be personal, surprise her, make equal decisions. Strengthen your relationship and enjoy a sense of self.

Best Women's Dating Advice: Chivalry, Personal Connection, Surprises & Equal Decisions

Do Not be Afraid to Use Chivalry

The best women's dating advice will always include encouraging you to practice chivalry. In fact, when you read about the best first dates tips for men you will find that you want to start this from day one. Another thing the best dating tips for men will tell you is that you can be chivalrous while still respecting feminism. The key is to simply keep your chivalry to being polite and do not make the woman feel as though you hold all the cards. Make decisions together and ask her about her opinions on things. Then, when you are together, do not be afraid to open a door or offer your jacket on a chilly night.

Do Not Be Afraid to Be Personal

Men often feel as though they need to conceal their feelings to appear strong and in charge. The best dating advice from women will tell you that getting personal when it is appropriate will only work to strengthen your relationship with the woman you are dating. Remember that you do not have to be devoid of all emotion and if you are, this can actually hinder your relationships. Be sensitive and romantic when the situation calls for it. Your woman will respect you more for this and it will allow both of you to better get to know each other in the process.

Take the Chance to Surprise Her Once In Awhile

When women give advice to men they will tell you that even though most women say they hate them, they actually do enjoy a good surprise every now and then. Plan a surprise date or place a small surprise gift where she will find it after a long day. This keeps things fresh and exciting and it allows you to show her how much you appreciate her. It also makes it more likely that she will want to return the favor at some point and will plan a nice surprise for you. Just remember that when you do plan a surprise that you should not expect anything immediate in return outside of her happiness.

Make Sure to Make Decisions Equally

Men's dating advice often says that men should take charge in a relationship and while this is true at times, it is important to remember that your relationship should be an equal partnership. When it comes to decisions, the two of you should make them together or take turns. For example, taking turns works when it comes to things like making weekend plans. When you both take turns, you ensure that both of you get to do things you enjoy while introducing each other to new and exciting activities.

Maintain a Sense of Yourself

Women in Auckland, New Zealand who give dating advice for men will tell men that they need to maintain who they are throughout the relationship. Keep your friends and your hobbies and make sure that you continue to dedicate time to each. You and your partner do plenty of things together, but you do not have to do everything together. Couples who maintain their own lives outside of their relationship tend to enjoy a stronger relationship. Make sure that you also enjoy some alone time to recharge and reflect on all aspects of your life.