Dating Advice for Women: Attract the Right Men with These Tips

Best Advice from Women on Dating that Will Get You More Dates

Learn valuable dating advice for women to attract the right men. Avoid common mistakes and repel the wrong kind of men. Find out how to create an attractive profile.

Dating Advice for Women: Attract the Right Men with These Tips

Online Dating Advice for Women: 3 Tips to Attracting the Right Men

Don't Repel the Right Kind of Men In an Attempt to Repel the Wrong Kind of Men

On most online dating platforms, especially free ones, women are bombarded with dozens of moronic messages from guys who lack the finesse and tact to actually begin a conversation with a woman. In their defense, they may one day realize that their approach is idiotic, and being a douche bag will get you nowhere in life, but for the time being, while they're still learning, they demoralize and discourage women from using online dating sites to meet potential matches. The problem for women on these sites isn't attracting men. It's attracting the right kind of men, or at least not turning them off. While I can sympathize with ladies who want to put things in their profile like:
  • Douchebags can fuck off
  • If you live with your parents don't message me
  • Don't be a creeper
  • Get a job and a car
  • College graduates only
  • Now how to use your/you're and there, their, they're
You may not realize this, but not only are you turning off the wrong kind of men, but you're turning off the right kind of men as well. How does this happen? You're immediately putting them on the defensive. This may sound like an elaborate way of saying you can catch more flies with honey, but the truth is, you can catch the most flies with shit. Not only will this not dissuade wankers from messaging you, it will actually encourage them to. But the upside is, much like facebook, you can block individual users on dating sites too. So the best dating advice that I can give to ladies who decide to continue to use dating sites like these, is to simply block users who send stupid, ignorant, misspelled, or generic messages to you, and that you have no interest in. This gives you the freedom to remain positive in your approach attracting men, because this not only will attract the right kind of men, but it will by default disclude the wrong kind of men, without turning off the right kind of men. Let's face it, you're complete justified in rejecting overtly sexual, overly familiar messages, and you're completely justified in rejecting men who don't share your goals for the future or meet criteria that you deem necessary to form a healthy relationship. But going into an extensive list of what you don't want is simply not attractive. It's literally repulsive. You are repelling these men, and the right kind of men, the kind you do want to attract are getting caught in the crossfire.

Don't Be Too Generic in an Attempt Not To Repel Any Men

Another common mistake women make is that they're too generic in their profile descriptions. “I'm an open book, just ask” comes across as lazy. You sound like someone who doesn't know themselves and can't be bothered to come up with a decent bio. It helps, as always, to not describe yourself, but rather describe what you enjoy, what you do, what you want from a relationship, what your aspirations are for work. Saying you like to travel or you love to laugh is a sure sign you have nothing to say. Who on earth doesn't like to laugh? The best way to avoid any of that is to counterintuitively, not talk about yourself, and instead about the things you enjoy doing, your job, your family life, and your situation.